PSA Winners Announced!

The month of May is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month. York County System of Care, Communities That Care and Safe Schools/Healthy Students sponsored a public service announcement contest focusing on youth mental illness, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or suicide prevention. The purpose of the contest was to raise awareness about youth mental health issues and to de-stigmatize youth seeking help for their mental health issues. Students across York County participated in this event and developed heartfelt PSAs that will leave a lasting impression for all.

60 Second Video Submission:

1st Place: Dover High School:

2nd Place: Northeastern High School:

30 Second Video:

1st Place: Northeastern High School:

2nd Place: Dallastown High School:

30 Second Audio:

1st Place:Northeastern High School:

2nd Place: Safe Schools/Healthy Students:

Honorable Mentions:

60 Second Video:

Central York High School:

Dallastown High School:

Kennard-Dale High School:

Safe Schools/Healthy Students:

West York High School:

30 Second Video

West York High School:

30 Second Audio:

Dallastown High School:

West York High School:

1st place 60 and 30 second videos will be shown prior to the start of every movie at Frank’s Theaters from May 29th to June 11th.  Frank’s Theaters is located on 2067 Springwood Rd York, PA. The 1st place 30 second video will be shown on the Jumbotron during York Revolution’s baseball games during the month of May.  Unfortunately, due to time contraints between innings, the 1st place 60 second video cannot be shown.

The 1st place 30 second audio PSA will be aired on FM 97 and 98 YCR’s radio stations during the month of May.








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